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Tuesday, May 31, 2005  

Prophet of Gloom

The Derb cites a friend today who produced two children by an artificial method, but has lots of leftover embryos he's willing to give away or have be used for science.

"We must have created 75 embryos to get the two children we are now raising, and on balance, we judge that the potential good that might result from what medical science might learn from our excess embryos vastly outweighs the harm of having them experimented on. (Truthfully, try as we might, we can't see any harm such experimentation would cause, and my impression is that our preferences are typical of couples who engage the assistance of ART.)"

Derb then adds:

The task the Right To Life people have set themselves is the task of convincing decent, thoughtful, well-educated people like this that they are implicit in a moral crime. Lots of luck.

Of course, such people he mentions are not really "decent, thoughtful, well-educated". They are essentially selfish souls with a strong sense of entitlement, and a great ability at rationalization.

Decent people don't create more offspring than they want to care for. Thoughtful people recognize their limits and God's moral grace. They seek moral ways to achieve their natural ends; and accept what can't be helped. Well-educated people have knowledge of God, moral theology, the use of prayer and the development of intelligence by conforming their nature to God's.

But Derb is right. The people he mentions are in the main and ascendant.

The basic rule of thumb is this: everyone appears decent until you get in the way of the things they really want. Impede their desires and rue the day.

Do tell me though what kind of people create 75 offspring without a second thought? What man or woman can look at the miracle of their two unique children borne of themselves, and consider that 73 other "thems" are not worth the trouble, nor sacred at all?

It takes two things to be that person. One, a heart of stone that will not brook having its will thwarted; and two, a lugubrious, pathetic, cloying sentimentality that equates a selfish triumph of desire with the highest good.

These people deny they are egotists, though, by insisting that they are now servants of others, their children, thus it is all to the good they have done.

I remember having lunch in a restaurant in southeastern Oregon one Fall, when my friend and I listened to the chatter of a few men two booths away from us. They were middle-aged men dressed in camoflauge who had been duck hunting.

They began reminiscing of duck hunting in Canada where there were high limits. One man waxed happily on how he was able to shoot dozens upon dozens of mallards. The best hunting he'd ever had.

They didn't kill any of the ducks to eat. They simply had great joy in slaughtering as many as possible. What they killed were carted to the dump.

I have no objection to killing animals, but the senseless destruction of them for pleasure still shocks me. Yet, if asked, those men would say of themselves that they are decent, generous, and educated people. They think well of themselves. They know themselves to be good.

That is why religion, in many respects, is useless. It takes a savage and merely makes him partially civilized menial; but gives him airs of unearned graces.

No nation or people can long remain a moral one. As Adams and Washington both foresaw, our nation, our Constitution can only prosper so long as men are moral. But people work their whole lives to evade morality and diminish it as much as they can.

That is why saints long for the Judgment Day.

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