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Thursday, May 05, 2005  

Okay, I'm a Prig

The Laura Bush laugh fest spectacle is news and people are taking sides.

I thought she was funny, but I also thought the Chippendales strip joint jokes crossed over the line of decorum for a Christian and First Lady. I understand why people laughed -- all humor is based on incongruity (think about it). I laughed, too, but I still didn't approve.

I look at magazine covers of near naked, beautiful women at the check out stand, but I still don't approve. I'd prefer they weren't there because they prey upon my masculine weaknesses. I almost can't help but look. The same with some jokes. I get the thrust (so to speak) and can't help but chuckle, but I'd really prefer not to be even that mildly polluted.

Proverbs has a beautiful verse which says, "Those who touch pitch will be defiled." Pitch won't ruin your life, but it's still a bit nasty and not always so easy to wash off. Better not to have to bother with it.

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