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Thursday, May 05, 2005  

Let's hold that sainthood in abeyance for a sec

According to Kathy Shaidle (she doesn't identify the source):

"Whenever Vatican investigators brought the results of their vetting process regarding an individual's candidacy for bishop, cardinal or other office, and they revealed he was a homosexual, John Paul II would refuse to believe it.

"He did so because accusing someone of homosexuality was a standard practice of the Communist government in his native Poland regarding anyone it regarded as an enemy of the state. From his ordination as a Catholic priest in 1946 to elevation to Archbishop of Krakow in 1963 and Cardinal in 1967, the then Karol Wojtyla witnessed this personal destruction repeatedly. So traumatized, he summarily dismissed such accusations as pope, and would approve the elevation of anyone so accused."

I believe it is in the power of God to heal the traumatized and to help them regard some realities with detachment and disinterest. How great can a man be who can't imagine or accept that not every accusation (I'd rather say observation or assertion) of homosexuality might not be a betrayal or a communist act?

The promotion of homosexuals to prominent positions in the Church has done untold damage. And we have to learn that part of this is because JPII had foibles, paranoia, and trauma?

Maybe Dante would not have been so kind to such a pope as this who ennabled sick men in a sick church while children were raped.

One of my private criticisms of JPII was that I never thought he really knew much of God or himself, but it would sound cheap and weak to say that since it begs the rejoinder - "and you do?"

Now, I'm convinced that JPII was talk and show, but not much more.

I guess my idea of a saint is that of someone who accepts the truth when he hears it, and actively seeks it - not one who simply tries to marinate himself in ritual and nice manners.

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