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Thursday, May 12, 2005  

Hate Scientist

Okay, that's an exaggeration, and bigot is still too strong, but I had a brief correspondence with Eric Lerner, a physicist working on the Fusion Focus Device, which, if it does as hoped can produce lots of cheap fusion energy.

He also the author of the book, The Big Bang Never Happened, an eye opening look at both the history of science and physics, and the dogmatism of current scientists in their adherence to models of the universe which exclude plasma vortices which create galaxy clusters on down to stars and planets.

I wrote to him that I would like to do an article on his device for Spero News and its possibilities as an energy resource.

I won’t quote his reply without permission, but to paraphrase, he said that Spero News was not an outlet he wanted to appear in since it was anti-science by having a religious bent and an Intelligent Design belief.

This is simply narrow minded stupidity. For one reason being that there is no set editorial policy as far as I know to promote Intelligent Design to the exclusion of any other ideas. And two, Intelligent Design argues two essential points.

1) Can you get something from nothing? A universe ex nihilo. No.

2) Can you get life from non-life? The answer to this is obviously, yes, in that life was somehow created out of the non-life materials at hand. The mechanism, though? Is it dependant on God or on random chance?

ID argues that the very first cell is of such complexity that creation cannot be a matter of luck, and the history of species doesn’t follow Darwinian theory.

I am not persuaded by ID of the first cell. The universe is vast precisely because of the necessity for it to be in order to allow a near infinite number of random circumstances for that one moment when life may occur, and sustain itself. (Although, when looking at the overall achievement, it takes a heart of stone, and an incredibly barren mind to imagine that there is no Providence involved.)

In the movie, Contact, Jodie Foster’s character replies to the question of whether there is extraterrestrial life and intelligence beyond Earth, “Well, if there isn’t, it sure is a waste of space.

Wrong. It is because the universe is like a foundry for gold, that so much ore must be processed to get a little gold; and little of that gold will find a craftsman capable of turning it into something unique.

Hundreds of billions people have lived. There has been only one Da Vinci, Bach, or Shakespeare. Some things are indispensable and cannot be duplicated.

Does God have to reach out as to Adam to make the first cell? I don’t know. If he doesn’t it is because there is Design in the universe to allow it to happen; to make it happen somewhere at sometime.

People can live their entire lives avoiding the basic questions and first things. No metaphysics, no physics, though.

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