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Saturday, May 21, 2005  

Evil globalizing capitalists at it again

This article
by the CEO of Wendys is a stirring apologetic for business and its relation to employees, owners, and customers.

After detailing how Wendys fought the fraud charge from the beginning and prevailed, he concludes:

The disturbing truth for everyone in the business community is that a devastating fraud can be perpetrated by a single individual. And the ramifications to a company's reputation are frightening. What is often lost in the hoopla is the personal price paid by the employees who have mortgages, children to feed and medical bills to pay. These are innocent people just trying to earn an honest living, but who end up the real victims. It may not be possible to completely safeguard a company's profits, reputation and employees, but the lessons learned from this crisis are clear: Stay true to your values in good times and bad. This was an arduous test of our resolve as a company. But I think it's at times like this that your customers and your employees get a true measure of who you really are.

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