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Monday, May 23, 2005  


Some folks think the Senate compromise was necessary, others think it a betrayal.

JunkYardBlog says:

The misnamed "nuclear option" over judicial nominations has been averted, thanks to a GOP surrender.

Republicans, why should we return any of you to office? You spend too much. You cave too much. You step out and support the war too little. What do we who support you get for our support? If you lose the Senate in a year or four, it will be your fault, and you all will remember this deal as the reason it all unravelled.

I wish I could see a silver lining in all this, but I can't. The GOP holds the Senate now in name only. Sen. Harry Reid, one of the most clueless and hapless minority leaders of the past few decades, is calling the shots now

My question apart from the rather obvious Republican failure to stand up for principle is where was Bush? Isn't he the leader of the party? Isn't he the one who should be calling the shots and directing the action in the Congress?

LBJ was the President who knew how to strong arm or shmooze his party people.

Does anybody actually know what Bush wanted accomplished in all of this?

I know that Bush will go down as a great President for his response to 9/11, but apart from that I am greatly disappointed in him. I don't understand his reluctance to get his way on issues (let alone defend our borders).

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