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Thursday, May 05, 2005  

Bush blows it again

President George W. Bush said he likes to use the Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo (search) to practice his Spanish, but this year he's practicing his arithmetic.

Maybe when Mexico starts celebrating the Fourth of July, we might reciprocate with Cinco de Mayo. (Oh, I forgot, we already celebrate May 5th for Mexicans.)

Why does Bush do these things? Is it really just the Hispanic vote he's pandering to? I doubt it. I've said it before, I think Bush's sense of Christianity somehow makes him think that borders don't matter, culture is relative, language is a mere construct, and Jesus wants us to accept each other even though the other fellow doesn't accept you.

I don't think Bush really understands the concepts of history and culture. That's why he can say "Islam means peace" with a straight face, and celebrate a foreign nation's holiday as if it were native.

You simply want to hang your head and cry over the occasional obtuseness of our President. Our culture only has enough stretch in it to cover those who want to become American in every sense. It can't possibly cover those who only want to exploit it at the expense of the people who create it and sustain it.

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