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Friday, April 15, 2005  

Yelling FIRE in a crowded theater

Sometimes you just can't get arrested. I sent emails about the attempt by America hating lawyer, Stephen Pearcy, to shut me up to Instapundit, Power Line, Michelle Malkin, Captain's Quarters, Red State, and a few others I can't recall.

Now, I know they get emails by the thousands and it might take them awhile to get to mine, but my sense tells me it's not going to happen.

Instapundit likes to run little "crushing of dissent" items which illustrate the Left's delight in preventing speech they don't like from occurring, so I thought it would be up his alley; and Power Line guys are lawyers so I could use their advice.

Thus far the only other blogger to link to this story is JunkYardBlog which I greatly appreciate. Bryan and I go back aways at the start of the blogosphere boom. He's moved up in the ranks while I remain small fry.(I got a nice bump in hits, but an instalanche would be fun for the little while it lasted.)

I had been hoping to draw enough attention so that more people might email Orrick's CEO, Ralph Baxter, to let him know what they think of the Pearcys work in hanging an American soldier in effigy from their house in Sacramento.

I called and emailed our local talk radio (KFBK 1530) which got a lot of mileage out of the Pearcy events, and the newspaper, the Bee, but got no response there, either.

Granted this isn't that big a deal to others as it may be to me, but I think it warrants a small blog and a link or two, and some reaction in trying to expose this guy for what he is.

I am surprised that the blogosphere isn't coming to the defense of a blogger's free speech rights that have been threatened with legal action since word has gone out in many other cases.

I am very confident that Pearcy's claim that he can sue me for "tortious interference with a business relationship" is a steaming pile of you know what, but it would be nice if an actual lawyer confirmed that for me. (And being cheap, I have no intention of hiring one to be told what I already know.)

Also, the fact is this Pearcy guy is bored, has money to burn, and likes to harm others as much as possible. Even frivolous lawsuits cost money to fight which can not always be recovered not to mention the waste of time.

Now, I could expect Glenn Reynolds to tell me to bugger off since I've been highly critical of his libertinism in the past; except the likelihood that he knows I've written word one about him is infinitesimal. (But I haven't criticized his Techno compositions which are not what I would put on my playlist, let us say, but am now sorely tempted to tell him what I told Lileks [who did respond appreciatively tongue in cheek] - thank God you have a good day job. Make sure you keep it.)

Hmm, I think I'll email Lileks to try and cry on his shoulder.

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