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Wednesday, April 13, 2005  

Pearcy seeks to intimidate Bloggers

I have just received a phone call today at about 12:15 pm from Mr. Stephen Pearcy regarding this blog which I wrote March 9, 2005 about Mr. and Mrs. Pearcy who hung a soldier in effigy (twice) from the eaves of their home in Land Park in Sacramento. I also noted with links vulgar statements posted on Mr. Pearcy’s car.

I then listed the email address of Mrs. Pearcy’s employer, the CEO of a law firm named Orrick along with an email address for;

The person in charge of their Community Responsibility Program which claims that:

"Orrick lawyers and professional staff share a commitment and responsibility to enhance the communities in which we live and work."

I included an example of the email I sent to those people.

In the call I received from Mr. Pearcy, he informed me that I am guilty of a “tortious interference with a business relationship” because I suggested that people who didn’t like her private actions could email her employer.

He admitted in our conversation (which I’ll admit to being more animated in response than he in his assertions where he played the typical passive/aggressor) that his wife had suffered no harm from my blog or that of anybody else’s (yes, he disclosed that he is contacting a number of other bloggers in the same way as he was doing with me) in her business relationship and had in fact seen an increases in business since they went public with their sick actions (the Michael Moore effect I guess you should call it).

I asked him if he was contemplating a potential cause of action against me. Yes, if warranted, he responded in approximate terms.

I told him I would get back to him after I consulted others, but that if I had to remove or alter the post in order to comply with the law, I would.

But looking over my blog on the matter, I am hard pressed to find an instance to support his claim other than this:

“I suggest you contact them and let them know what you think of their employee as I did in this email I sent to both:”

If this is illegal speech in California as Pearcy claims then I am indeed in trouble, but I find an action for this far fetched. Nevertheless, I appeal to all and sundry for expertise in the matter.

For more background, go also to this previous blog.


Diggers Realm points out that the Pearcys have put up an effigy of a soldier for the third time now.

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