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Tuesday, April 05, 2005  

It never ends

Chutzpah, that is. Nancy Pelosi is going to Rome for the funeral (along with Sen.s Kerry and Kennedy). Catholics, of course (if you can call them that).

Do you think they will spend one second wondering if they could be wrong about abortion or a multitude of other things which scandalize the Church?

No, that second shall not be spent in introspection, repentance, or simple human feeling for the moment -- death of a man and confrontation with eternity.

You want to think that even the basest of politicians have an inkling of grace, sincerity, and fellowship with reality, but it's hard to imagine in some cases, isn't it?

"The beginning of wisdom is the fear of God."

I don't have the sense that the above mentioned people have much fear of God. They don't strike me as people with contrite and broken hearts.

(Whereas I do believe that Bush is such a soul. A man who discovered what a vile being he was and sought salvation and redemption.)

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