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Wednesday, April 13, 2005  

Intemperate Christian

I have to say that the more I studied the threat leveled at me by Mr. Pearcy, the angrier I got.

The sick so and so has tried to use the law to deprive me and other bloggers of our civil rights, and I feel like a patriot being asked to pay the Stamp Tax or threatened to be tried in England. I have a powerful sense of the immediate desire to damage the officers and agents of the Crown.

The fact of the matter is that the law this creep tried to intimidate me with is completely inapplicable to his beef with me; and he’s a horrible lawyer of he doesn’t know it. But I suspect he knows it. He just wants to play bully boy like he did with his former tenants.

It’s funny, as soon as I realized who it was who was calling me (which took me mere moments) I knew exactly what he was hoping to achieve, and my response was visceral and American in the purest sense of Don’t Tread On Me.

Another matter is that this fellow probably loves publicity so I’m wondering if I should draw any more of it to him and the creature he calls his wife.

It was interesting to notice in talking to the homunculus how much a masochist he appears to be. He loves to be abused. It’s what he lives for. Life must have become so meaningless to him that the thing that fires him up is to fling feces at his neighbors and when they tell him what a vile human being he is, he then claims to be open to “dialogue” (his word).

It is amazing how the pretense of martyrdom thrills even the lost souls. The idea of being blessed when persecuted for righteousness, when people speak evil of one, and so forth. It rather proves the tenent that acts of evil are distortions of good. Pearcy is his own little tin god and thinks he’s Jesus in his own self-righteous and hopeless way.

It’s kind of like the masochist in Hemingway’s story To Have and To Have Not (or in the movie Barfly) of the young kid in the bar who picks fights just so he can get beat up. After awhile the guy giving the beating realizes that the kid is sick and enjoys getting beat up, but you still can’t help beating up on the punk ‘cause he keeps doing something to ask for more.

The Christian in me doesn’t want to abuse anyone, and hopes that each soul might turn to God, each heart break open to Christ (or repentance, remorse, self-realization of truth, and contrition); yet, I know Jesus had his bad days in the Gospels and simply had to tell those who had committed their whole hearts to evil and untruth that they were craptacular swine destined for Hell, and they were welcome to it.

There is the other factor which is that Stephen Pearcy is a phenomenally twisted worm. When you consider the lengths at which he goes to spit in the eye of his fellow Americans, we’re talking a pretty serious pathology of rage; yet some people are so odious that no decent person can really work up much sympathy for a blackguard, and knows that they need a thrashing from life in some way before they can ever be saved from themselves, will cry out for the help and hope they need.

P.S. (I just came up with this line a day after this post - Pearcy is the guy who put the "hisss" in passive/aggressive.)


- [Intent:] (Proof.) The elements of a cause of action for tortious interference with a business relationship or expectancy are (1) the existence of a valid business relationship or expectancy, (2) knowledge by the interferer of the relationship or expectancy, (3) an unjustified intentional act of interference on the part of the interferer, (4) proof that the interference caused the harm sustained, and (5) damage to the party whose relationship or expectancy was disrupted.

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