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Tuesday, April 05, 2005  

Courage in Canada means misery

From Kathy Shaidle's blog I got this link to a Dr. Kempling
who addressed a UN commission on human rights. The litany of abuses against people of conscience is chilling and more so when you come to learn of this guidance counselor's punishment by the state.

This is soviet/fascist style repression that is no exaggeration or joke. The kind of aparatchiks who are enforcing these vile rules smack of little Hitlers of the left whose contempt for reason, honor, and decency simply boggles the mind.

Marx said, "Religion is the opiate of the masses."

Graffitti on the wall in the movie, "O Lucky Man" said, "Revolution is the opiate of the intellectuals."

Well, you can see that revolution and the drug addled taking place in Canada these days.

I have seen it in my own city at school board meetings, at state elections, at the city council, and in the administration of schools -- people who know so much better than the people how everything ought to be ordered and don't mind if they do.

My soul enflames with rage and recoils in horror at these demented tin gods, their overarching egotism, and invincible regard for their own infallibility.

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