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Wednesday, March 09, 2005  

Update on Sacramento cowards

A few weeks ago, a Berkeley couple set off a small fire storm in Sacramento when they turned their rental house into a billboard for their hatred of America by hanging a soldier in effigy from the eaves with a sign on it about Bush. They also hung a Palestinian flag in a window.

You can get up to speed on the info and links here.

Another local blogger at Diggers Realm has an interesting update. It appears that the renters of the house were a trio of young ladies who are Republicans. They had put a Bush sign in one of their windows prior to the election.

Diggers Realm adds this from a neighbor who had previously reported about the incident to the blogger:

Remember the three young renters? They signed a one year lease in approximately August of 2004. Why are they no longer there? I will let these women speak for themselves but I will mention a few facts known to me. The renters claim to have been harassed by Mr. Pearcy, receiving multiple e-mails a day and frequent visits. Shortly after he discovered the Bush/Cheney sign in the window of their now-rental property, Mr. Pearcy, they allege, became upset and threatened to paint the entire house with Kerry’s name among other things. Shortly thereafter, the tenants came home to find the five foot long "idiot" sign in their front yard and the Palestinian flag flying from the roof. When one tenant began to take pictures of the display Mr. Pearcy threatened litigation. Shortly thereafter there were no longer three nice young women living next-door. Apparently to Mr. Pearcy the first amendment only applies when it involves his words. Those who demand that all of their "speech" must be tolerated, no matter how offensive, while trying to intimidate those with a differing ideology could not be a better example of the word hypocrite.

This is classic. Cowards acting as bullies when they can get away with it; and what is both more cowardly and acting the bully than a male lawyer threatening to sue young women and completely running roughshod over their rights as tenants and citizens? I hope they sue the creep. They would win.

It is also illuminating to read this entire letter from the Pearcy's neighbor who spoke to the husband on a number of occasions and wrote about an entire history of vicious acts by the Pearcys against their neighbors. The malevolence and bile of this Pearcy (who calls for peace in the world, of course, while flinging crap on those nearest him) is instructional of the loony left. This fellow apparently would take down and put up a Palestinian flag in parallel to suicide bombings in Israel. If there was a bombing killing Jews, the flag came out. The Iraqi flag he flew was from Saddam's era with the Arabic ariting on it. Nice guy, huh? What a sweetheart. Turds don't plop lower than this Pearcy.

Thanks to Madelene D. for the heads up email. I will keep a closer eye on Diggers Realm from now on.


Mrs. Pearcy works for a law firm named Orrick. It is here.

Ralph Baxter is CEO in San Francisco and his email is:

The person in charge of their Community Responsibility Program which claims that:

"Orrick lawyers and professional staff share a commitment and responsibility to enhance the communities in which we live and work."

It's manager is Marybeth La Motte whose email address is:

I suggest you contact them and let them know what you think of their employee as I did in this email I sent to both:

Are you aware that one of your lawyers, Virginia Pearcy, had placed on one of her vehicles outside her home in Sacramento, CA where I live, a sign that said:


You may go here for proof:

You must be aware at this time of her activity in hanging an American soldier in effigy outside her home with vile comments put on it. Is this your idea of " Orrick lawyers and professional staff shar[ing] a commitment and responsibility to enhance the communities in which we live and work "

For proof, go here:

Are these the kinds of people you hire to represent your corporation? I know what company I shall always avoid and never speak well of if such as Mrs. Pearcy remain in your firm.

Thank you,

Mark Butterworth

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