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Tuesday, March 15, 2005  


I don’t watch a lot of TV. I’ve taken to watching Fox’s 24 this year because a counter-terrorist unit was actually going to battle Islamic terrorists, but it jumped the shark a few weeks ago when it went from Islamic bad guys to the constant meme of Hollywood - evil, white businessmen are behind it all. This week it added two patriotic Arabs to balance off the harm they did by showcasing terrorist Arabs at the beginning.

Every now and then I watch Extreme Makeover - Home Edition where they find a needy and deserving family and build them an entirely new house with appliances, furniture and charm. I choke up easily as everybody is crying over the spirit of charity, kindness, and answered prayers.

Then there’s this show I watched last night to see what it’s about. Supernanny on NBC. There’s a version of it on Fox, also.

The premise is that a family has children who are out of control and an English nanny a la Mary Poppins comes and saves the day.

It was one of the most depressing things I’ve ever seen. The family: mom 43, dad 51, with a 4 and ½ year old and twins 3 years old, all girls, were an insane asylum. The oldest girl ruled the roost like the boy in the Twilight Zone episode who had the power to turn people into anything or make them disappear, and so the adults catered to the boy’s every whim.

The dad was a weak kneed wimp who did nothing to find ways or strategies of coping with his children, while the mother was disorganized, terrified, stressed out, and hopeless.

The nanny taught them techniques for disciplining their children and established order in the house so it looked like the problem was solved in a matter of a week or two.

The problem wasn’t solved, though. The parents failed to learn that they were the biggest problem - they lacked will and initiative. They learned how to cope with pre-school children for a time, but they didn’t learn that children’s strategies for acquiring power over parents and others grow just as they do. They get smarter in their manipulations and deviousness. You have to learn how to study them and stay ahead because they certainly study and try to outsmart you.

But the parents learned nothing about themselves and how to get help to stay ahead of their children’s will to power. They actually think they got everything they needed from the nanny to live happily ever after.

Depressing also was to see just how deeply scarred those children must be by the common cruelties they inflicted on each other, the failure to be loved and to love their parents and each other. Instead, what has been wrought in them is a well of pain that sought outlet or caused formation of defenses that are unconscious but active.

The way the parents allowed their children to carry on was child abuse - pure neglect to do their duty for them. I could never watch this show again as it is one series of incompetent parents after another. You despair for society when you see that there are a great many idiot parents like that turning out monstrous “Bad Seed” children.

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