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Thursday, March 17, 2005  

Story of my life

Cute kids get more attention from parents: study

Not-so-cute children are more likely to be neglected by their parents -- at least that's what a researcher from the University of Alberta has found.

Great-grandfather Bill McConnell says there may be some truth to the controversial study's findings.

"We haven't had little kids for a long time," he said, "but I think if you visit families with kids, the cutest ones get all the attention.

I know this was true in my own family when I was a child. I can't swear I was more neglected as the ugly duckling between two brothers of exceptional good looks like my father's, but I recall very well at family gatherings they would get the attention from relatives and all the compliments while I got a hello and step to the side while I coo at your tow haired brother.

In fact, I have a prejudice myself toward attractive children, young people, and adults. Being aware of it, I try to make sure that I am attentive to the less lovely.

Studies have shown that babies respond most happily to pictures of white women (apart from the mother). There seems to be an inherent preferences for what is attractive.

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