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Thursday, March 17, 2005  

Not Serious

I keep hearing how the Senate is grandstanding on its little investigation of steroid use in baseball. Various pundits and talk radio hosts make derogatory remarks about it as a silly, headline grabbing witchhunt.

But as I see it, baseball is a multi-billion dollar business that crosses state lines and is subject to federal regulation. It is a business where the workers, management, and union colluded to deceive its customers as to the legitimacy of its product, including the possibility that some cities were cheated out of lucrative rewards for winning because they lost to "juiced" up players on adversary teams.

Did Boston lose the year before to the Yankees because Jason Giambi hit juiced home runs? Did the A's beat the San Francisco Giants in the World Series in 1987 because Canseco and McQuire were rich in 'roids?

This is Enron on the playing field, and I can't understand why so many people think it doesn't matter or isn't important. Baseball cheated millions of people directly. It fraudulently took their money in a lie about fairness in the competition. Baseball owes restitution in the amount of many billions. I hope someone comes up with a class action suit and puts the whole damn league out of business.

Individual players ought to be sued, too, for millions. They willfully defrauded everyone who bought a ticket to watch them play in a clean and honorable fashion.

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