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Saturday, March 05, 2005  

No sympathy

Michael Newdow is the atheist who sued, using his daughter, to remove "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance. The case made it to the Supreme Court which ruled he didn't have standing since his daughter didn't actually complain and he didn't have custody of her.

Newdow never married his daughter's mother, but has been fighting for custody ever since and complaining about discrimination in the laws ever since they split up. Thus far it has cost him a fortune.

Now he has:

...paid $320,000 of his ex-girlfriend's attorney fees Friday, complaining that he should not have to finance her fight for their daughter's custody.

In his normal crybaby mode:

He said a judge's order that he pay a portion of the mother's legal fees encourages her to fight his every request and is unconstitutional.

He laments that the money lost to lawyers could have paid "to send my daughter to Harvard, twice."

He thinks the courts are unfair, but has no qualms about devoting superior resources to overwhelm his former lover. He thought he could beat her down in court by attrition.

Newdow said Friday he is consumed with the custody case.

"It affects my whole life," he said despondently. "It's always there. I must spend half my time just screaming at the walls."

Somehow this man will never win anyone's sympathy. There probably isn't a bigger fool or a greater egotist presently alive than Mr. Newdow. He's the kind of fellow no one ever wishes well; and every adversity that occurs to him will be met by others with a "couldn't have happened to a nicer guy" tilt of the head.

Determined to have his own way in everything (imagine what his mother must have been like), there was a moment in his life when he could have become a loving husband and father. A woman loved him and she gave him a child. Rather than building up that relationship, it fell apart and his desire for revenge (with himself as a great crusader for personal rights) overcame any other sentiment.

Enjoying the kind of deranged energy that comes of tilting at windmills, he has wasted his life, and done all he can to injure his daughter and former lover.

(What ordinary American could imagine himself becoming so compulsive in seeking revenge that they would come to owe their object of revenge $350,000 not to mention what he has spent in court?)

This guy deserves a documentary or dramatic movie made about him to serve as a cautionary tale of what we all have to fear from crackpots with resources. (George Soros, please pick up the white courtesy phone.)

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