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Thursday, March 03, 2005  

mediocrity never has a bad day

An update on the investigation of the family of Copts murdered in New Jersey from Jihadwatch (via relapsed Catholic). Original article from WorldNetDaily.

Family members who viewed the bodies say they suspect the brutal slayings were a warning not to proselytize to Muslims. They say that the body of Sylvia Armanious was clearly the most viciously attacked in the killings, causing them to wonder if it was because she was too vocal in sharing her faith.

A number of Sylvia's friends, who attend the Mid East Evangelical church, say a problem ensued after Sylvia befriended the Muslim daughter of a Halal butcher she encouraged to convert to Christianity. They say that they fear Sylvia's Christian influence on this girl may have provoked the harsh retribution that followed....

According to information obtained by Robert Spencer, the director of Jihad Watch, from sources close to the murders, the Halal butcher had planned the killing for months and several of his accomplices are still in the country. Spencer says police are investigating these allegations.

Considering that the scenario of muslim converts having access to the family in a trusting relationship that would have allowed them to enter the house without force has been mentioned for weeks, it looks like the investigation may be getting a clue as how to proceed.

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