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Tuesday, March 08, 2005  

A Mad Method?

Since the Democrats, Libertarians, and Lefties have long declared homsosexuality ("not that there's anything wrong with that") a perfectly acceptable and natural lifestyle (and yet strangely find it nourishing to charge conservatives who are as somehow sick), it would be interesting if conservatives would return the favor thus in every blog and column:

"Today, the gay John Kerry, appeared on Meet the Press to say . . ."

"Ted Kennedy, the well known homosexual and advocate, spoke before the Senate . . ."

"Dan Rather, recently outed as a gay man, is leaving CBS News tomorrow and says . . ."

If anyone should deny they are gay, simply say its a well know fact; they've been outed; and besides, what could possibly be wrong with that?! After all, Mary Cheney didn't mind, did she? Why should they object to being known as homosexual? It's a perfectly legitimate condition, isn't it? Why should anyone mind being mistaken for such?

Can you be sued for slander when the person who claims the offense to his character does not believe it is slanderous to be known as a homosexual; that is, that there is nothing wrong with it, and so no harm or injury can occur.

It's like saying I'm a black man. I'm not, but the idea of being such doesn't bother me or harm me in the least.

Also, should someone demand proof, you simply reply, "Well, anybody can see that John Kerry is gay. It couldn't be more obvious and plain as day. Why would he want to deny what any discerning man can see? He's as gay as a tropical fish. Just 'cause he's married, that doesn't mean a thing. Look at the former governor of New Jersey. Kerry's just waiting for the right time to announce it."

Go to it, my brethren. Adjectives away!

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