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Thursday, March 17, 2005  

Heart of Darkness

Conrad's story never affected me as it was meant to ("The horror. The horror.") when I read it, but we forget that the savagery depicted in it is not restricted to Islamofascists these days.

Africa, the Congo, continues its long tale of primeval malevolence which stuns sensibility and shakes one's hope for humanity.

Militiamen grilled bodies on a spit and boiled two girls alive as their mother watched, U.N. peacekeepers charged Wednesday, adding cannibalism to a list of atrocities allegedly carried out by one of the tribal groups fighting in northeast Congo.

John Sayles (currently a Hollywood Halfwit) made a good movie about feral humans in a movie entitled Men with Guns, a study of the almost casual evil that comes fairly easily once people either cross a line, or were part of a culture that had no such boundaries on depravity.

We in the West have almost certainly (except for a few) failed to realize that civilization is fragile and depends on a brand of organized and conscious savagery and heartlessness to survive. Sept. 11, 2001 woke up a number of people here, but far to many more labor under an illusion that the world is a pretty safe place.

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