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Friday, March 04, 2005  

Copt Watch - Arrests Made

The upstairs neighbor of an Egyptian Christian family found slain in their home in January was charged along with another man Friday in the killings, and authorities said the motive was robbery, not religious fanaticism, as some had feared.
(via Jihad watch and relapsed Catholic

The above was from Yahoo News.

But Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio said the killings took place during a robbery by the two men, who owed someone a large sum of money.

"I'd like to make one thing perfectly clear: The motive for these murders was robbery. This was a crime based on greed, the desperate need of money," DeFazio said.

Authorities said thousands of dollars were withdrawn from Armanious' bank account using his ATM card in the days after the slayings.

A commenter at Jihad Watch notes:

This Northeast intelligence report still continues to make for an interesting component to these two arrested suspects based on a prison source that Douglas Hagamann is reporting on.

Edward McDonald, 25 --"While incarcerated in the federal system, he reportedly associated with a group of inmates who were actively involved in Islamic counseling - receiving radical fundamentalist Islamic literature during his incarceration. The prison source told Northeast Intelligence Network director Douglas Hagmann that there is indeed a religious component to the murders to this crime.

Many questions remain. Who used the ATM cards? That should be on tape. There should be some blood evidence in the apartment upstairs, but it also explains why the murderers might have had an unforced entry - they were known to the family.

The horrific acts of murder were like Islamic slaughter or actually were the same kind of slaughter intended not as cover but as ritual?

Some are wondering about the M13 gang which has been migrating here from Central America and performing hideous murders themselves like this which Michelle Malkin has been regularly posting about.


Jihad Watch has more thoughts about the recent events and the lack of clarity in the current arrests, while the apparently willful ignoring of possible leads.

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