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Wednesday, March 02, 2005  

Beside the point

I have been wondering for some time now, given that Bush is without question a great president, why he has certain blind spots where he appears very foolish and ignorant.

For instance, on illegal aliens, he has repeatedly said things like "family values don't stop at the border", or "they're coming here to take jobs Americans won't do." He says his plan is not amnesty, but it wouldn't actually do anything to curtail illegal entries (and in fact encourages them); and he has steadfastly refused to enforce the laws we have.

Why is Bush so far from reality and fact on this matter?

I believe I have figured it out.

Being from Texas may have something to do with it, but I believe the main reason is that Bush can't see himself as the guy who looks into the eyes of big, brown eyed children and the pleading faces of their mothers begging for entry so they can have a better life. Poor Jose, with his hoe in his hand asking, "senor, let me pick your strawberries. It's for me familia."

To be the guy at the border looking over the crowd of campesinos, peons, and peasants holding a shotgun, wearing mirrored Ray Bans and saying, "Nyet. Nein. Non. Not a chance", well, Bush can't see himself being the bad guy, the tough dad, the heartless neighbor.

It's the same with spending. He lowers taxes but can't bring himself to cut spending because there'll be some parade of grandmas and babies to the Hill crying about how they'll starve.

His Christianity has something to do with it also. I believe he finds the various appeals to charity from Jesus a mandate for permissiveness. A great many Christians have come to believe that loving your neighbor means letting them walk all over you as they please. And you have to keep forgiving them for it.

Going to war to protect the innocent, free the oppressed, render justice to the evil -- well, that's heroic.

Putting up barbed wire, digging moats, planting mines, building guard towers, and increasing detention camps, well, that's not very nice, is it? That's downright mean. Those poor people, oh the shame of it; they just want a better life. Please, how you can look into their eyes and point a gun at their chests?

That is not how Bush wants to be remembered. (Who does?)

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