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Friday, March 25, 2005  

Been on Vacation

I went with the missus to the coast for a few days (Cambria) where we bought an Amish swivel glider chair.

We also bought a small divination bowl but ours is silver, a process the master artist, Larry, explained to us which involved using silver nitrate and tempering the glass in such a way as to make the silver come to the surface of the bowl. It has to be done at a precise moment and temperature for it to occur.

It rained a great deal while we were there, but we stayed in a wonderful hotel, Pelican Suites, at a good rate we found on Orbitz.

Even so, I was able to take a lot of photos between showers, and we got to tour and do things with a minimum of inconvenience due to rain.

Unfortunately, I'm still sick. Not as bad as a few weeks ago but bad enough from time to time.

We continued to follow the Terri Schiavo situation while there and alternated between rage and despair just as so many others have. We need to invent a new word to cover the incredible sense of disbelief, outrage, and betrayal decent people feel over the horrific treatment of this woman. As I wrote before, here is an elite of lawyers ennacting nazi-like rulings under no compulsion except their own exalted sense of authority.

The soul quivers and recoils that we have such people among us, neighbors, who could do this without compunction.

I listened to Hugh Hewitt talk about averting violence and that there's nothing we can do about the judges until we elect 60 Republican senators.

As if it weren't politicians whose refusal to face controversy allowed the courts to usurp their roles? Since when can politicians be trusted or relied upon to make profound reforms? Politician means fence sitter, compromiser, weather vane.

The idea that important reforms are made by politicians is absurd. Take into account that republics don't last, and that the lawyers aren't suddenly going to repent what they've learned in schools. A great many of these cruel judges are conservatives, whatever that means to them. Did Bill Pryor speak up? That embattled Catholic on the 11th Circuit Court. Did Scalia, Rehnquist, Thomas speak up?

What lawyers are being taught in law schools, the idea of judge as heroic decreer and lawyer as social engineer will not go away suddenly.

Great injustices are usually redressed by violence, not by ballots.

If you listen to the Hugh Hewitts, we'd still be saying, "Yes milord", and "Certainly, your Majesty."

I'm not suggesting this case warrants violence, but insisting that we the people must act lawfully even when our courts don't is absurd. The vindictive betrayal of Terri Schiavo's most basic right to life is a travesty that cries out for severe punishment to those who allowed it.

There was a time when people were tarred and feathered and ridden out on a rail. There are sometimes compelling reasons for mob action, when decency was so affronted that men weren't afraid to minister rough justice because it worked to maintain standards.

And what kind of police chief or Sheriff allows his officers to arrest children for carrying a glass of water? The mayor of San Francisco can break the law and no one arrests him, but children carrying water can get arrested in Florida.

It seems that life has become so easy in America that the most egregious philosophies and their fullfillment by authorities can go undisturbed, that there is no possible reaction strong enough to evince fear in evil doers or the simply callous and arrogant.

Again, we need a new word.

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