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Monday, February 21, 2005  

Tornado Alley

I ran into a friend from church today at Corti Bros. at 4 pm just after a tornado watch was declared to have passed on the radio.

He told me that he had been coming back from Yuba City on Hwy 99 when he saw a tornado in N. Natomas. He got off the Hwy and watched as another formed, and then another. He said he took pictures with his cell phone.

For those who don't understand Central Valley weather in California, we almost never have thunderstorms and never have tornadoes. This is scary, weird stuff for us. We expect floods, maybe, or earthquakes, but none of our homes are built for tornadoes. No basements here.

But, while we're at it, let's all sing together - Gloooobal warming. It's all America's fault!

On the news, we heard that a tornado formed at Cal Expo around 2 pm. Cal Expo is just across the American River (not that wide) from where I live (we're talking about less than a mile or so). Unbelievable. I am not prepared to survive a tornado and protect my prized possessions.

Yet, I never heard any thunderstorms, heavy rain or winds, or lightning. Simply incredible. Thank God nothing really horrible happened to us or the area.

This is the last thing we would have expected. You never know, and life is just unbelievably weird.


Here's where you can find many pictures of the tornadoes we had at the Sac Bee (registration required.)

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