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Wednesday, February 23, 2005  

Not always against the courts

Two lawsuits filed in California seek to halt the Stem Cell Initiative that was passed last Fall here. Provisions of the proposition are in conflict with State Laws regarding conflict of interest and being administered by unelected people.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Politically conservative public interest groups filed lawsuits Tuesday seeking to invalidate the $3 billion stem cell research funding institution California voters approved in November.

One lawsuit filed by the People's Advocate and the National Tax Limitation Foundation alleges that the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine violates California law because it's not governed exclusively by the state government and the committee that controls the money isn't publicly elected.

The second lawsuit was filed by a newly created nonprofit called Californians for Public Accountability and Ethical Science, which is supported by at least one person who originally opposed Proposition 71.

The lawsuit alleges that provisions in Proposition 71 exempting members of the institute from some conflict-of-interest laws are illegal. The suit also alleges that the ballot language violated a California election law that requires each proposition to address a single subject.

Conservatives are charged with hypocrisy when they use the courts to try and negate democratically created laws, but I answer - so what? The Stem Cell Proposition is bad law no matter how you look at it. It has to be challenged and exposed for the lie it is.

If these cases lose, I believe that Californians will wake up in a few years and realize what a foolish thing this billion dollar giveaway is and repeal it.

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