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Thursday, February 03, 2005  

Never met a job I didn't like

According to George Bush last night, there are simply to many jobs which I simply will not do. No sir, not for me, won't do it, not enough money in the world to pay me, I'm so far above that.

Yes, Bush insisted and I mean insisted as if he knew it was a fact of undeniable truth that there are jobs Americans will not do.

I felt like I was slapped across the face. My daughter started her working life at minimum wage as the counter clerk in a nice restaurant. She did that for quite awhile before she was advanced to the position of waitress.

I started my work life as a crew cleaning up streets and alleys in Milwaukee, then bussing dishes, washing dishes. I had a lot of jobs when I was young and few were classy. Mostly I did whatever I could to earn some money quickly. I would have picked gotten and planted beans. I wasn't too proud for anything when I needed to make a few dollars.

When I lived in Mt. Shasta there wasn't a lot of work available so you took whatever came no matter how menial.

And I suppose when I am vacuuming the floors and cleaning the toilet in my house, I am crying great gouts of tears for the humiliation of not paying some illegal alien to do it for me.

Bush's attitude is simply incredible. It is clearly a determined belief of his that Americans hate dirty work and won't do it. He has repeated this slur numerous times. I've mucked out a barn that was six inches to a foot deep in cow sh*t. For that, my friend and I got ten dollars each.

I cannot begin to describe the stench, the pockets of gas we'd open up, and the filth of cows trotting by and splashing the manure on us.

Bush also seems to think that in places where illegal aliens aren't living, the work isn't getting done since what American would clean the motel rooms, mow the lawns, build a house, or pick the fruit?

When it comes to this issue, Bush is worse than tone deaf, he is dangerous. He seems to think that American citizenship is a commodity worth selling to the sneakiest foreigner.

If there is any consolation, I suppose it is the fact that the Congress is unlikely to pass any of his initiatives regarding immigration. The Democrats would be wise to make it an issue because most Americans hate what's happening and find Bush's notion absurd and hateful.

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