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Wednesday, February 16, 2005  

Local Update

Last week I wrote briefly here about a story which appeared on Drudge here in which a Sacramento couple hung an effigy of a soldier in uniform outside their home with a sign saying -Your tax dollars at work.

That effigy was subsequently stolen and a new one saying - Bush Lied, He died - replaced it. That was stolen, too.

What I’ve just learned from KTXL is that the couple, The Pearcy’s, don’t live in Sacramento although they own the house. They live in Berkeley.

They are playing the aggrieved citizens now complaining about the violation of their free speech rights, but they haven’t even the courage to live in the town where they throw there feces at their fellow citizens.

Isn’t it ironic that they should want to use our military, renowned for their courage, heroism, fortitude, commitment to service, and willingness to place themselves in harm’s way - that these who people haven’t a single ounce of such qualities pretend to be martyrs for free speech.

These citizens don’t even have the guts to face their neighbors (many of whom sympathize with their views) and bear any consequence for their deliberately provocative actions.

Remember the classic playground coward who would get some distance from an adversary then pick up a rock and throw it while calling names and then running home faster than he could be caught?

Well, that’s a Berkeley loony for you. Every ounce a coward and they fulfill the words of Shakespeare: “Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once. “

No one ever mistakes people like the Pearcy’s as valiant, do they? No, and they are crybabies, too, as you will see below.

A protest vigil by Move Forward America this last Tuesday night at the Pearcy’s house led to: A vigil in Sacramento's Land Park neighborhood Tuesday night erupted into a shouting match between those for and against the war Iraq.

As for future displays on the home, the Pearcy’s said they don't plan on hanging another statement anytime soon.

For more about the personal lives of the Pearcy’s the Sac Bee has this:

Virginia Pearcy’s story of success began when she left home and a mother who couldn't make ends meet after she graduated from Sutter Middle School, she told The Bee in 1998.

Then Virginia Johnson, she jumped to Sacramento City College, claiming to be 18 when she enrolled. She graduated with honors from UC Davis with a math degree.

Virginia met Stephen Pearcy when she was in junior high. He was her 31-year-old math tutor. He was a student at UC Davis and worked as a lab technician.

She moved in with him the summer after eighth grade. They had their own rooms, and didn't get romantically involved until after she left UC Davis, they said.

I quote this from another blog, but Digger doesn’t have a link to the original source of his quote and observations so it is unattributed except to him:

When confronted on whether he hopes all the soldiers over there are killed Steve was shown on video saying sarcastically "of course I hope they die, I hope they all die".

Virginia Pearcy was shown weeping [maybe she was remembering Arafat--Ed.] when interviewed that no one was protecting her right to free speech. Local police say they have stepped up patrols in the neighborhood because of the attention of the outrageous effigy. Steve Pearcy says he has noticed no increase and complained that his right to free speech isn't being protected.

The Sacramento Union (a defunct daily newspaper that has returned in an online edition and printed magazine) has more on the protest event last night with a few pictures.

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