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Sunday, February 13, 2005  

Kill for the love of Kali. Kill Kill!

What we now see occurring in Iraq is what Algeria saw through a decade of an Islamofascist nightmare when over 50,000 people were massacred by the monsters.

They Islamists couldn't win, but that didn't matter. They simply fell in love with killing for its own sake. The same as we see in Iraq.

The Sunnis and terrorists know they can't win at this point but they can't seem to stop themselves from murdering. They will do this as long as they can. They will not cease until almost none of them are left.

In The NYT's interview of Tilda Swinton on her role as the angel, Gabriel, in the new movie Constantine, we hear an expert voice on the only religion we have to fear in this world - George Bush's Christianity.

A. Yes, but Gabriel is not a baddy. He becomes insane because he starts to think that if you wrap yourself in God's clothes you can do anything you want, and it ain't true. (Ed. we see who she actually means a bit further down.)There is something insane about a lack of doubt. Doubt, to me anyway, is what makes you human, and without doubt even the righteous lose their grip not only on reality but also on their humanity. The idea that Gabriel takes things into his own hands, decides that the way to get the most souls into heaven is to torch the place, is extremely modern.

Q. How so?

A. In that the attitude of righteousness is a reason for pretty much anything now. What's shocking is how easily that's peddled today. (Ed. And we discover it isn't Islam or its terrorists we have to fear.)It's like Gabriel's rationale. I don't remember the exact lines, but it's essentially, "My job is to get as many souls as possible to heaven, and I have noticed that you are at your most spiritually open when the place is in flames, so I'm going to torch the joint." It's a beautiful piece of reasoning, and it's a righteous argument, but it's terrifying.

Q. Religious absolutism can be found in many places. (Ed. Not a begging question necessarily but watch where Miz Swinton runs with it.)

A. True, there is all sorts of religious extremism (Ed. Yes, indeed but the real culprit for it is where? Wait for it.)all over the place, but the reason for this partly has to do with the fascist attitudes and language of absolutism coming from Washington. (Ed. Yes, of course. I see that now. Bush is responsible for people getting their heads cut off in Iraq and elsewhere because that is what Christianity leads to all over the world.) It's challenging for people outside of America that Bush was re-elected. It means we're all going to have to work a lot harder to understand what so many more Americans than we thought really want. It's an identity shift in our minds about America and maybe for many Americans as well.

Q. And you think this film will resonate along those lines? It's not overtly political.

A. I don't think there is any way that it won't. Actually, there were a couple of moments in my speeches that were more politically on the nose, and they were cut, and I'm actually glad they were. We don't want to date the film, but also we don't want to alienate people who need to do new thinking about this (Ed. See above. The new thinking she wants done is that Americans should stop being religious fanatics who inspire terror everywhere in the world). We're not only preaching to the converted, but we also want to speak to those people who think they know what righteousness is.

Miz Swinton is, of course, hardly worth reproaching for her opinions because she is clearly a pinhead of the highest order and a moral simpleton not worth the breath to refute, but she is symptomatic of a class of the blind that can see Islamofascists slit the throats of babies, invade an Israeli home and kill a mother and her children, and blow up bombs at a hospital in Iraq and consider all such acts as the natural response to oppression by the American bully.

It is the nihilism of both such terrorists and Miz Swinton's own class which takes satisfaction in excusing heinous murder and terror.

There is a twistedness in the souls of the Miz Swintons, a narcissism which extends to how she treats her own children.

Four years ago, Ms. Swinton's career took a turn toward the mainstream. She left her home in the Scottish Highlands, where she lives with her companion, John Byrne, an artist, and their 7-year-old twins. . .

Marriage among the smart set is just so declasse. They know, of course, that it doesn't affect children in the least (and so what if it does since their "comfort" level is the most important thing, isn't it? How can the kids be happy if we're not "comfortable"?).

Well, enough Sunday sermonizing. The point is that the turnaround we hope for in Iraq may be long in coming; that is, a sharp lessening of terrorist murders of innocent people. Too much of the world is simply not serious about ending it. Remember Kerry's wife Theresa talking about how Europe has learned to take it in stride and not sweat it so much? That's what most of the world would have us do. They don't care how many Americans are killed, so why should we? There are a lot of us after all. We can afford to lose thousands here and there.

For many, it is their Self which is sacred to them and they live only to serve that god.


The headline is taken from the movie,Gunga Din, staring Cary Grant in one of my all time favorites. Cary and Sam Jaffe (as Gunga Din) sneak into a Thuggee temple and hear the leader give one of the most chilling and demonic speeches ever given. It made evil manifest to me and my brothers when we were children.

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