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Wednesday, February 02, 2005  

Human depravity

Iraq the Model reports on the story of the terrorists kidnapping of a Down's Syndrome young man whom they used as a suicide bomber, blowing him up remotely as he was failing to complete his orders.

Omar mentions a tale of a young relative who is mentally handicapped who claimed that some men tried to kidnap him but he ran away. Omar disbelieved him until last Sunday.

There are depths of depravity which tax even the most insightful or experienced person's ability to recognize the evil doer as resembling a human being in anything except appearance.

We are dealing with a kind of pseudo-consciousness that seems nothing more than a cover for demonic animality.

Here’s an example. Last week I caught the local TV news. Something I rarely do, but there was a story of violence at a local flea market in southeastern Sacramento.

Apparently, some rival gang members were there and one stabbed another. The youths (male, Hispanic) involved were shown having been arrested and placed in the back seats of squad cars.

On the three different faces I studied, they all maintained a blank, stare ahead, grimly set jaw expression. It is the face we often see of criminals.
You could hear the wheels grinding and hear the tape running.

“Okay, I’m going to jail. But we had to do it. Enemies. Had to knife him. Would do it again. Law of the jungle. Gotta do what we gotta do. Okay. Jail. I can handle it. If I’m with my homies, no big deal. Piece of cake. I can do jail. They can’t do nothing’ to me. I don’t feel a thing. See? Not a thing. I can do time standin’ on my head. Oh yeah, jail ain’t nothing’. Get some more tattoos is all. No big deal. I can do this. Get me a good lawyer, maybe I don‘t do any time. Oh sh*t! No money. I get a PD lawyer. That means jail, for sure. I can do that. No big deal. Do what I have to. I‘ll get by. If my mom sells her car, maybe I can get a lawyer with that. But she ain‘t gonna do it. B*tch! But I can do jail if I have to. Just don‘t wanna have to. Think, man! Somebody can get me some money for a lawyer. Don‘t I know somebody?”

That’s maybe what a gang banger thinks while in handcuffs.

But a craven Islamofascist thug? What goes through his mind? Well, laughter for one thing. He thinks it’s funny as hell to send a retarded kid to blow up in a crowd of innocents. Later on they sit around laughing at how stupid that kid was, how he couldn’t even follow simple orders so they had to blow him up prematurely. Ha ha ha. And those vermin that died or were injured, good! Ha ha ha! That’ll teach ‘em. Pass that hash pipe, Mohammed.”

It’s a weird thing when men who hate God with all their might, pretend to be acting on his behalf. The depravity seems infinite and merely limited by physics and lack of opportunity.

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