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Friday, February 18, 2005  

How does that work again?

FBI agents caught a local arsonist of ELF which has been burning down new construction in the Auburn area.

Lewis allegedly worked on behalf of the Earth Liberation Front, an anarchist group which authorities say is responsible for about $100 million in damages nationwide in arson and sabotage to stop development.

His father, Greg Lewis, said he could not comment on the case but maintains the family stands behind his son.

"He is a sweet, caring young man," Greg Lewis said outside the downtown court. "We have an extended family throughout the county who have raised up in his support."

The son was caught because his father spoke to someone else that he suspected his son of involvement in a recent attempt to burn down homes under construction.

But how, exactly, do you support a self-admitted criminal whose been living under your roof? Is it, we love you, son, and don't want you to suffer any consequences for your violent acts? Or is it, we love you, son, but don't do the crime unless you can do the time?

How about, Son, you can't begin to understand my shame over you. I thought I'd raised you right to be a good and decent man, but somehow we failed and you turned into a selfish, arrogant punk. What am I going to do about you, now? I am so disappointed in you.

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