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Friday, February 18, 2005  

Fine Insight

These insights below are a propos not only of the theme of this blogger's analysis of the Larry Summers contretemps of the academic Left, but of the people who flung their political feces at Sacramentans I noted here.

There is a deep-seated need for many people to feel that they are "doing something." Indeed, this is a prime motivation for the left.

At the same time, the left is so riddled with cowardice and so addicted to comfort, that real sacrifice is out of the question. (My emphasis.)

This is why they make such a big deal out of dissent, often comparing carrying a sign from 1 to 3 near a boulevard with the rigors of overseas military service - as if an afternoon stroll followed by a coffee house discussion is in any way cmparable to dodging bullets and engaging terrorists.

Yet this image persists, indeed it is constantly advanced.

That is why the left never ceases its peans to the glory of "dissent" and how brave it is to make dirty jokes about their political enemies.

The left has a need to show it is not impotent - not within the confines of its ivory-towered fortresses.

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