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Monday, February 21, 2005  

Fear and Loathing in Aspen, CO.

Hunter S. Thompson was one of those dinosaurs who lived long past his prime. He was a man, like many, for whom change was impossible. Having created a self-conscious persona - a wild man, iconoclast, vulgarian curmudgeon - where did he leave any room for honest introspection and openness to grace?

I am tempted to imagine that his last act of life was one of defiance or a forceful - "oh, the hell with it all!" - kind of thing rather than a sorrow filled moment of despair, self-pity, or wounded helplessness.

Thompson was a fool whom many admired because he made them laugh with his antics and cynicism, but I bet his wife and son aren't laughing.

You look at Thompson and realize why the Catholic Church considered suicide a mortal sin and an express ticket to hell.

I suppose there will a great many people who will say, "He died like he lived - on his own terms."

Exactly. The life of a fool and a eunuch.

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