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Wednesday, February 16, 2005  

A Dearth of Common Sense

Poor Derb falls for the argument of homosexuality being, perhaps, inborn.

So far as those sentences in my National Review article to which so much objection has been made, though: Yes, I believe it is now taken for granted that homosexuality is a biological attribute of the human organism, either inherited or acquired in the course of early development; and yes, so far as I can judge, science does confirm that in most cases, if not exactly all, this is true.

An argument I refute here.

My argument is based on correlation and is inductive, but I haven’t seen it clearly dismissed as much as it has been ignored because many years ago he argument was made about homosexuality being unnatural in Nature overall, and of course, some folks found insects that try to mate with the same sex or male rats that try to hump each other like crazy under certain conditions, but has anyone ever seen a lesbian lion or cat? A lesbian dog? I don’t think so.

Nor do we see homosexual animals (mammals) unless they have been subject to unnatural conditions that alters their brain chemistry.

Male human homosexuals have a decidedly altered brain chemistry depending to some extent on their depravity and promiscuity, though.

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