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Wednesday, February 16, 2005  

Andrew Dice Clay in Blackface

Chris Rock is finding himself in the news these days for cracks about the Oscars being for homosexual men, and "abortion is beautiful" because he can find willing partners at the rallies because he knows they do it.

What isn't tagged is all the cracks he makes about white people. The most scurrilous (and vulgar) racism that comes out of his mouth is a fine advertisement of the affirmative action parade and white guilt extravaganza.

Of course, with so much of what passes for humor these days as little more than F bombs and dirty jokes, it is difficult to pick out Mr. Rock as anything more than one of a number of crude fools and clowns.

Imagine the audience it would create and the controversy it would stir if an Andrew Dice Clay started in on blacks and other minorities in the same way as Rock and others target whites.

It wouldn't even have to be KKK'ish. Just make fun of the way some blacks or minorities talk, walk, act, dance and so forth. Walk that line between insulting and amused and see the fur fly!

Comedy, though, seems to belong to the Outsider. So long as a group perceives itself as outside as so many Jews once did which spawned a legion of comics, or as Blacks continue to do so - the response is stronger in that community for such humor of veiled anger and prejudice.

What is a shame is that so many Blacks don't yet feel they are real Americans, but are instead still the victims of an evil oppressor who must be ridiculed if they are too feel better for living in the Other's world.

This view of eternal outsideness is preached everyday by liberals and the Black community. What a shame when so many of our fine military men are from minorities and feel no less entitled to their citizenship.

Thomas Sowell doesn't consider himself less American than me or anyone else.

I repeat myself, what a shame that racism is kept alive and well not by whites, but by minorities in this country.

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