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Wednesday, February 16, 2005  

Abortion kills new borns, too.

I can’t find a transcript from The O’Reilly Factor, but last night he presented a case in Atlanta of a woman killing her five month old baby a few years ago in which the DA did nothing about, letting her remain free to create more babies, and finally prosecuting her for the murder and only asking for a tiny sentence (I don’t have the exact numbers).

His guest, the ubiquitous Judge Napolitano, commented on the lack of serious jail time which we see more and more women receive after murdering their babies.

The judge insisted that he believed it was an effect of the culture of death and abortion; that a five month old baby is not much different than a full time aborted baby in the eyes of a great many people in authority now.

The DA in Atlanta is black, though, and I wondered if the woman was also, for you often see liberal blacks in positions of authority express a racist attitude that when blacks commit heinous crimes, the fault is not with them but with white America which made them crazy, poor, ignorant, stupid, and drug addicted; and so they do not hold the black or minority criminal as responsible, deserving a long sentence.

I have seen and heard this in person from many blacks in authority and elected office here in my home town in direct conversation or meetings ( and also from Democrat white liberals and Hispanics) that various thugs, criminals, and low lifes are not at fault for what they do. The System made them as they are.

But I think the Judge pegged it right. If murdering a full term baby in the womb is no crime, and no great tragedy or evil, than it really isn’t much of a leap to think that any baby has little intrinsic worth. It’s Peter Singer’s world come about through indifference.

This also goes with one of my main themes - too many adults do not believe that families and societies exist for one great reason - to provide conditions in which children may thrive, for which reason adults must sublimate their selfish wants and serve the young entirely.

(You can ask why should that be since it seems a vicious cycle where we subordinate our desires to raise children so that they can subordinate their desires to raise children, but God will teach you that there is a method to that madness if you care to learn.)

Increasingly, though, children seem to be seen as little adults ready for anything such as being sexualized, or turned into prodigies, or wrapped in cotton by over-protective mothers and schools, drugged into somnambulence, or free to follow their own tastes in clothes, learning, music, and so forth.

The one thing children don’t seem to be treated as is a persons who need the right amount of discipline, guidance, training, along with affection, love, attention, play, and freedom to develop naturally in the rhythm of life with God's grace and his accepted presence.

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