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Thursday, January 20, 2005  

We need a new word

My daughter just helped create a new word for a situation rational, decent, and common sensical people often find themselves in illustrated by this story of a Catholic University deciding to honor a former professor who killed herself while in jail for the murder of her Downs Syndrome baby which she believed her daughter's life would be miserable and it depressed her.

Some folks might refer to this situation as Bizarro World-like, Unreal, Incredible, mind boggling, stranger than fiction, grotesque, and beyond belief -- but all those words are overworked and don't quite capture the growing sense good people have of an increase in the insanity of the silliest humans among us.

Welcome to -- TA DAAA! - PSYCHO-SPACE!!

Such as: the newest inhabitants of Psycho-space are those who:

According to the Villanova University website, the school will dedicate a "Mine Ener Memorial Study Space" in the school's Falvey Library in memory of the professor, who taught in the school's history department and was director of the Center for Arab American Studies at Villanova.

The study space will "commemorate Ener's life and work," according to the history department, which organized a memorial fund to raise money for the project.

Let the word go out -- Psycho-space has many denizens and we should identify them as such.

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