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Saturday, January 15, 2005  


Robert Duval made an extraordinary movie titled, Tomorrow, from a short story by Faulkner. A hillbilly, redneck fellow comes into possession of a baby boy (I don't recall how. His daughter might have run off and left him).

This gruff, dirt farmer turns out to be a doting caretaker who deeply loves the boy, who returns that affection completely. Their joy together is idyllic until one day a relative of the boy shows up to claim him, and the farmer has to let him take the child away.

Years later the farmer is sitting on a jury trying a case of a young man who is clearly guilty of the crime. The jury ends up being hung because one man refuses to find him guilty -- yes, the farmer who knows the young man to be the baby he had so dearly loved for a few years, but whom the boy has completely forgotten.

The story that Michelle Malkin blogs on
with many links is like that movie. Heartbreaking.

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