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Tuesday, January 04, 2005  

They are bogglers all

Some days my mind reels when I consider how driven some folks are who are my age or thereabouts. Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager, and Michael Medved are just a few who amaze me.

I would think that simply having a 3 hour radio show every day, and then maybe a hobby would satisfy a normal person, but these guys are always on the go. Hewitt teaches, practices law, and writes his blog (with hundreds of links every day), and writes books, makes promo tours, run marathons (or half of them), and must read everything out there in print journalism and the blogosphere.

I'm exhausted simply typing all that.

When I was young I was a driven man. Even in my early forties, I had ambition, energy and drive (until I started to get easily tired and later had a heart attack since my circulation wasn't so great), yet I don't think that even on my best day I was as driven as any of the men I mentioned.

I mean, they must have an auto-pilot switch and a turbo booster to shuttle through the days they must keep. Prager seems the most relaxed of the bunch and the most introspective (which takes more solitude and ease).

I have never liked being especially busy because I enjoyed thinking so much. And thinking takes slow, quiet time. When people are very busy, I always wonder how much of the world and others they actually experience.

But on the other hand, I hardly experience the world and others since I am so much a hermit. I don;t much like the world that much and I like to keep the traffic with others to a minimum since nearly everyone is crazy as a loon. We're all so many worms, that the more businesslike we are, the better off we are.

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