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Tuesday, January 18, 2005  

Sickness at Large

Glenn Reynolds has an outstanding post at Instapundit
on a New York Times' reporter endangering the lives of Iraqi bloggers (Iraq the Model) with an article suggesting they work for the CIA or DoD.

I have often noted the willingness of liberals and leftists to endanger other people's lives while they sleep safe at home. They will do everything to accuse the police of racism and curtail their efforts to apprehend criminals (which many black communities must be grateful for since black on black crime is the greatest amount of crime there is); they will accuse the military of war crimes and atrocities falsely in order to make our soldiers less able to act freely and wisely in combat.

They will publish the names of CIA agents in foriegn countries (and get them killed as it happened in Greece years ago), and they will identify people like the men who blog at Iraq the Model as especial friends of America so that terrorists may take notice if they haven't already.

I have seen locally how reporters for the Sac Bee refuse to describe the skin color of perpetrators of crime so that we do not narrow our focus of awareness and alert in seeking the vague 5' 8" male who did evil.

I have seen how local Democrat politicians assert that children don't need a mother and a father in order to thrive; also saying that they can't actually imagine a limit to taxation when I ask how much is enough, how much is too much?

The arrogant self-righteousness of liberals and the Left makes you want to strangle them when you know how much harm they cause; and yet, you cannot do a thing to such fools. You can't exile them, deport them, or shut them up for their seditions, betrayals, and depradations. Instead, we are forced to endure people who, if given power, would not tolerate us for a second.

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