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Friday, January 21, 2005  

Powerful Statements by Canadian Bishop

Via relapsed Catholic:
Bishop Henry - Pastoral Letter to be Released January 15-16
Submitted to by Calgary Bishop Henry Fred Henry

Contrary to what is normally alleged, the primary goals in seeking legalization of same-sex “marriage” are not the financial or health or inheritance or pension benefits associated with marriage. The search for stability and exclusivity in a homosexual relationship is not the driving force. The principal objective in seeking same-sex “marriage”is not really even about equality rights. The goal is to acquire a powerful psychological weapon to change society’s rejection of homosexual activity and lifestyle into gradual, even if reluctant, acceptance. (My emphasis.)

It is significant to note that 18 months after same-sex “marriage” arrived in Canada (principally as a result of court decisions in Ontario and British Columbia), more than 95% of adult Canadian gays have chosen to ignore their new legal right.

Also, how many citizens of Massachusetts who are homosexual have availed themselves of that State's court decision?

The lack of actual desire for marriage among homosexuals when given the chance substantially alters the argument. The homosexual agenda towards on marriage is a spoiling attack.

I have said it before, too. The goal of the homosexual is to force approval from others. And they want to use government and courts to do that.

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