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Monday, January 03, 2005  

O Tannenbaum

Lileks often surprises me (which is why I read him). This brief bit he tossed off is perfect.

Then I finished taking down the Christmas decorations. It’s a bittersweet and necessary thing; it feels like you’re taking down the bunting from a victory party for a candidate who lost. That’s the odd thing about Christmas; it always wins and immediately concedes.

That's it exactly. My wife took down our decorations (no 12 days of Christmas for us) four or five days after Christmas. I had gotten used to the tree (I usually wait until the last week or so to get one), and wanted it to last a bit longer. But my workaholic wife couldn't stand to be unbusy for the holiday vacation, and so boom -- it's gone. Too soon.

It was like having a wonderful birthday party and then just as you're having the most fun, your mother sends everyone home. Lileks nailed it for me.

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