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Sunday, January 16, 2005  

Murder of Copts in New Jersey

I don't like to jump to conclusions about unknown perpetrators of crime, but this story of the murder of a family of devout Copts in the most brutal manner must give us pause. It has all the earmarks of Islamofascist terror.

Now, I have not been shy about expressing an "Islam is evil" meme, myself. I wonder if I should own a gun.

I have been onsidering for a long time. Not because I considered myself in danger, but that I thought it is an instrument a family should have at hand, and everyone trained in its use whether a pistol, rifle, or shotgun.

The few weapons I thought good to have are very expensive, though. I like a Bushmaster M-16 very much but these weapons cost around $1000. I understand that a good 9 mm pistol is around $500 or so.

Thus, these items have not been high on my list of things to buy. But if I find myself arousing the ire of muslims in the US, I will not delay the purchase.

Those fans of CSI, the crime drama TV show, must wonder (now that the FBI is involved) if they will collect enough evidence to lead them to the murders. You would think violence like this would leave a great deal of evidence.

I am praying hard that they catch the ones who did this. If it is Muslims, we need this event shouted out loud across the country.

Taken in conjunction with this link to Michelle Malkin's blog on air security, the fact that we have been infiltrated by Islamofascist terrorist can hardly be doubted.

I do wonder why we aren't catching more Muslims and deporting them. There are not just sleeper cells here, there are scads of sympathizers we need to identify and drive out of the country. Political correctness only gets people killed. We see that time and time again.

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