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Monday, January 03, 2005  

A little brief authority

Politicians have come to believe (especially Democrats) that the people exist to provide them money and offices of power. We see this in California on the local level now.

For example, the city council in Sacramento wants to change the way the city collects yard and garden refuse. For many decades people have been free to leave piles of leaves, branches, and grass clippings in the street near the sidewalks.

When I first moved here, I found it obnoxious the way some of these piles took up so much of the street so as to force drivers far into the opposite car lane. I'm used to it now, and the people love this custom, and keep passing Measures to keep it that way.

Yet, the city council is bound and determined to do away with it. Why? Well, it costs a bit of money to repair the streets from the "Claw" that scrapes up the refuse, and to pay the folks to do the work. We used to recycle the waste and sell it, but they decided that wasn't worthwhile, either.

It is a clear case where the council members believe that they shouldn't do what the people want. Why not? They just don't seem to like the practice. There's no harm in it, and the people say they're willing to pay the cost, but our betters seem to know so much more, and they will one day get their way.

It's the same with freeways. The people want more of them, the politicians force them to endure traffic jams because they won't build them. They hate cars, you see, and want to punish the people for loving their vehicles.

Of course, the pols don't cut their spending. In forty years, my city has tripled in population while the city bureaucracy has multiplied ten times the size it was. Can you explain to me how we are getting more for our money with over three times the city workers we really need? Oh, yes, most folks would say city life was much better forty years ago -- schools, crime, parks, libraries, and so forth.

If you ask most politicians why they want office these days they'll generally say they want to "affect policy" and make the world a better place. You will never hear them say, "I want to represent the people and improve their lives in the way that they want them improved. Otherwise, I want to keep all the grabbers off their backs so they can live their lives more freely."

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