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Monday, January 31, 2005  

Iraq the Model

At last the people of Iraq have a moment in modern history in which they can take immense pride and glory in.

In the interregnum between Saddam and their own elected government, they could blame everything on others, and continue to shift responsibility for themselves onto others. Now they have the chance to claim a destiny of their own making - building a democracy and nation with the rule of law and tolerance for minorities.

I pray they can be more successful than Turkey, but I fear that Turkey is more likely the more natural default position for the kind of culture we see in the Middle East. Corruption, incompetence, and nepotism are the great destroyers of prosperity, equality under law, and faith in justice.

Even so, if Iraq fares no better than Turkey, from our standpoint that is a great achievement and good for the region.

Well done, America. Well done, Iraq.

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