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Monday, January 24, 2005  

Hmm, Just a Thought

I wonder if there are any examples of homosexuality in animals? I don't mean when male rats are crowded together, but naturally occurring as biologically determined at birth.

I've never seen a homosexual dog or a lesbian cat. And yet doesn't it seem logical that if homosexuality is caused by a gene or in the womb due to an imbalance of hormones, such fluctuations and events would occur to other animals also, and not just humans?

It appears that sexuality is much more hard wired in animals other than ourselves.

Michael Savage had a riff going the other day which was interesting. I'll try and paraphrase it:

"You know, the sex drive is one of the strongest of all our drives. First, there's breathing. If someone cuts off your air, there isn't a stronger need you can have. Then there's thirst. If you need water really badly, that's an extremely powerful physical need. Then's there's the sex drive. It beats food, maybe. It's what drives the ants, the rats, the lions, the elephants, and us.

Now, you may ask, why did God make it so strong, such a powerful force in our lives? After all, it can get you into a lot of trouble. And if you're a man, it seems like it just won't leave you alone. I mean, your whole life, you see a picture of a beautiful girl in skimpy clothing or whatever, and you're interested. You could 99 years old, and you're interested . . . in looking anyway. And Viagra, don't get me started.

So, anyway, why did God make it so strong? I'll tell you why, 'cause if he hadn't we probably wouldn't do it. We wouldn't be making more people unless we were forced to by this incredible drive to have sex."

I thought about that for awhile, and I had to agree. If it wasn't such a strong drive in us, we probably wouldn't do it.

When I was young I used to get angry at my libido for being such a driving force in me. I wasn't married, and often had no girlfriend, and would rather not be bothered with this incredible urge. Why wouldn't it leave me alone?

But if it had, would I have sought the company of women and seek to marry as I did? Probably not. I didn't find women in many respects more interesting than my investigations into the nature of being and the universe. But I found the thought and experience of having sex with women wonderful.

And although I no longer care for the physical act of sex very much, I find the thought of it is still appealing for some reason; and I dream of a day in heaven when I may enjoy it to the fullest, most glorifying extent as an ultimate union between a man and woman.

(Whether that is so in heaven, I have no idea, but as I said it remains the idea and ideal of the now.)

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