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Friday, January 28, 2005  

Have it your way

Here's a woman who says Islam is not so evil if you read it her way.

The Qur'an -- Islam's sacred book -- offers Muslim women the same rights as men but traditionally has been misinterpreted, denying them those rights. That argument is convincingly made in a new book by a Muslim woman who is a scholar in Islamic foundations of education and identity development at Cornell.

Said Barazangi: "The realities of Muslim women haven't changed since the beginning. The men have interpreted the Qur'an up until now, and Muslim women have been taught that interpretations have the same authority as the Qur'an itself."

Good luck with that. (No, I mean it. But I stand by my basic position that Mohammed was a guy with Jerusalem Syndrone like Joseph Smith or David Koresh or the last Jewish messiah a few centuries ago. The fruit of the tree holds, and Islam is some bad juju.)

You could say that Mormonism reformed, but it did so under pressure, and a great many Mormons sometimes give the impression of simply waiting to outlast the social concerns of the greater society of America to return to its polygamist roots.

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