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Monday, January 31, 2005  

Everybody's a Crackpot

It's not just the Walter Cronkites or Bill Moyers (see his latest insane nutballistics of the PsychoSphere here), but Crankism and Crockistics seem to go hand in hand with age.

Perhaps it's due to the tendency for older folks to resort to shortcuts in expression; making simple, bald statements and expecting that their age and authority implies a context, nuance, and vast realm of supporting arguments.

I believe, though, that Crankism is a result of 1) weariness, and 2) the natural progression of false principles to begin with.

William F. Buckley, for instance, is not given to cranky, unqualified, and simplistic nonsense. Why? Because his religious devotion and underlying principles do not allow him to do so. He assiduously censors himself, and had a grave inclination to avoid the emotional hysteria we get from the others I mentioned, and from so many on both the right and left.

Everybody, though, when they express unsupported politcal statements or analysis comes across as a crank. That's why most blogs read like psycho tracts from otherwise decent people. Then you have the way outs like Kos or Atrios where violent, unhinged maniacal thoughts actually do reflect the content of the characters they come from.

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