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Monday, January 10, 2005  

24 the 4th Year

I have studiously avoided the Fox TV show 24 for some time now. I thought the gimmick of a series based on a single day, each episode one hour of that day was very clever, but I had no interest in the series, and Kiefer Sutherland is not someone I care to watch very much.

But after hearing Muslim groups complain that this year's 24 was an insult, I couldn't resist; and now I am hooked.

The bad guy terrorists are actually middle eastern muslims! What a quaint notion. Who'd have thunk it?

The action is very tense, and the plot is far fetched but I'll go with it just to enjoy the little bit of reality it illustrates. Oh yes, there's a scene betwen the Secretary of Defense and his hippie son who is going to embarass him by speaking at some peacenik rally.

The son is shown as a "Michael Moore" imbecile using that reference to the round mound of anti-Americanism out loud.
Imagine that. A network reference to Michael Moore as a fatuous idiot.

A reader reports: (from The Corner)

you apparently missed a great line on Fox's premiere of "24." William Devane, playing the Secretary of Defense, was discussing policy with his son, who was planning some sort of lefty protest at Andrews AFB. The son gave his father the usual lefty "It's all America's fault" speech, and William Devane's character responded by telling his son to "Spare me the 6th grade Michael Moore logic." I nearly fell out of my chair!

Anyway, this is one TV show I think I might be able to follow for a season.


And gosh darn it, I missed the two hour episode that ran Monday night. I didn't check to see when it's regular day and time were. Oh well, maybe I'll just wait for the dvd and see the whole thing when it's done.

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