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Wednesday, December 15, 2004  

When Police officials become Nazis

This video (scroll down to bottom of article for link to video) makes my blood boil.

Philadelphia police abridge the rights of Christians in a manner most foul and Nazi-like. Yes, those are strong words, and no, the police didn't act like Brownshirts busting heads or carry on a Kristalnacht.

What they did was to deliberately ignore the actual laws and rights of people to assemble, and arrested and now seek to prosecute those exercising their rights.

Christians appeared at some sort of homosexual rally, and were obstructed, impeded, and then arrested while doing nothing illegal (except violating political correctness).

Is this Nazism? When the organs of the State deliberately attack the fundamental political rights guaranteed to them by God and the Constitution, then something is seriously wrong. And when the police become the willing, and not involuntary or unintentional actors in such repression - that is Nazism.

The police were clearly acting on behalf of the perverted in order to destroy the freedom of speech of others. Philadelphia ( a classicly corrupt Democratic city ) has decided that Left politics is the only politics it will tolerate.

We see this in San Francisco, where even policemen's lives are forfeit to PC lefties. It has come to Sacramento where our hispanic police chief instructs his staff and officers to ignore any violations of our immigration laws.

I understand how the Left can get control of American cities, but I cannot understand why decent Americans would seek to work for them as so many policemen do(who would otherwise despise the twisted and perverted Left).

Via Relapsed Catholic. Thanks for finding the story, Kathy. But now I've got to find a way to make my blood pressure go down.

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