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Tuesday, December 28, 2004  

Sky Land Series

There was a beautiful sky land the other day with fine light and clouds. These pictures are not exact representations of that afternoon, but I like them even so.

Oh, yes, I have a bit of news. A friend told me about a Sacramento photographer, Tom Hulse, who is working with digital images and playing with them a bit. (See link)

I was a bit dismayed that someone else should steal my ideas, but what can you do? At least I could realize that there was hope for my work if his was well received.

Another friend said that he had a friend who ran an art gallery and offered to take me to meet him and show him some of my pictures. We went but the fellow looked at my stuff in a rather dismissive fashion, said there was no market for digital pictures, that even fine photographers with good eyes couldn't sell their pictures. I mentioned Tom Hulse's prices ranging from $250 - $600, but I didn't know if he was selling many. I let the insult pass about others with their "good eyes".

As a follow up I called a gallery in Nevada City (about 60 miles away) and spoke to the owner. He assured me he had Tom Hulse pictures and sold about 50-60 of them with an average price point of about $300.

He invited me to come and have a look. I told him I was working in a similar vein as Hulse, and wondered if he'd look at my pictures. He said he'd be glad to.

I drove up the next Saturday and looked at Hulse's pictures. I could see immediately that his were better than mine. Not because of a better eye, but because his camera and equipment was able to produce higher resolutions with sharper, more detailed images. They were quite impressive except for the fact that they tended toward the ugly and desolate of cityscapes.

Anyway, the gallery owner approved of my work although he said he wouldn't be interested in showing it since he already had an artist of similar quality. He said I would have to improve my equipment, though, to compete in that market, and also suggested I might get involved in producing cards of Sacramento as I had been doing in a series for local sale; to exploit that kind of interest.

He was very encouraging, and it was heartening to see someone with an open mind, a decent heart, and a good eye evaluate my work positively.

It was also good to see how much I might be able to get away with in terms of altering my images that people would accept and which could convey a high quality of sharp detail, textures, and colors.









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